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IDC Survey: Nine Out Of Ten Manufacturers See Plant Floor Visibility As Central To Business Growth

Posted by David Stain

May 27, 2015 at 8:49 AM


Manufacturing tops the European Commission strategic agenda

In the past 10–15 years, the manufacturing industry has taken a back seat to allow other financial and services sectors to flourish. However, the troubled development of the world economy has proved to be a turnaround for the industry, and it is today considered a critical source of wealth and investment for some of the world’s most advanced economies.

In early 2014, we published a whitepaper resulting from research analysing current trends in manufacturing operations management. The research included a survey of over 240 European manufacturing enterprises across multiple sectors.


In the fast-changing manufacturing landscape, where technology is making a bigger impact than in perhaps any other sector, the findings from research like this help enterprises to plot a way forward.


Increased plant floor visibility will achieve operational excellence

The overriding response to the survey was that plant floor visibility is fundamental to future business success, with 90% of respondents seeing plant floor visibility as instrumental in speeding up business decision-making.


Other key learnings include:


  • Fostering operational excellence is back at the top of manufacturers’ agendas. This shows a profound mindset change and rethinking of some manufacturers' recent priorities, which in the past, were essentially focused on production outsourcing to low cost countries


  • 65% of European manufacturers believe that the importance of plant floor visibility will increase over the next three years and they are ready to launch initiatives to achieve that.


  • Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) have a fundamental role to play in increasing plant floor visibility


The whitepaper offers some invaluable insights and recommendations to manufacturers looking to define their plant floor visibility strategy. With access to real-time production data and device connectivity, manufacturers can:


  • Determine their current levels of plant floor visibility
  • Identify the potential impact of increased visibility on plant productivity
  • Begin to plan a route towards better visibility and its benefits


You can learn more by downloading the Zebra Technologies/IDC Manufacturing Insights whitepaper, ‘Achieving Operational Excellence with Real-Time Plant Floor Visibility’.
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