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How Zebra makes the world’s most popular OS enterprise-ready

Posted by John Wyer

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July 6, 2017 at 7:01 AM

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AndroidTM is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, with a market share that tops 75% in Europe’s largest markets1. So naturally it’s everywhere, from wearables to TVs and of course smartphones, where it’s found in four in every five consumer handhelds2

But it's not so dominant in the enterprise market. Traditionally, trying to make consumer Android enterprise-proof, has not been easy. The operating system (OS) lacked the necessary security and management tools. But all that’s changed.

The Android platform now has robust security features built-in:

  • Data security – business data is private by default with enforced security between applications, full disk encryption and always-on VPN options
  • App security – with work apps authorised so IT can control which apps are installed and who uses them
  • Device security – is protected and maintained by a series of features, such as hardware root of trust

And with Zebra for Android, security is taken to truly enterprise-ready levels. Our Android-based mobile devices come out of the box with exclusive Mobility Extensions (Mx). Mx protects everything that makes Android vulnerable delivering all the enterprise features you need:

  • Lock users into a single business application – launches when they switch on, to maintain productivity and prevent access to other business or personal apps
  • Lock device features – such as USB, Bluetooth or near field communication (NFC) that could pose security risks if used for copying data or loading unapproved applications
  • Select files you want to protect with government grade encryption – rather than the whole disk as happens under Android, so you minimise the effect on device performance
  • Centrally manage encryption keys – to make it easy to swap devices or allow colleagues to access data
  • Get timely updates of patches - direct from our dedicated team, to prevent security breaches

To find out how to secure your workforce mobility revolution with Zebra for Android visit: http://www.zebra.com/android 


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