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How wearable tech can increase productivity in your warehouse by 15%

Posted by Zebra EMEA

June 29, 2016 at 4:40 AM


Since the advent of the internet, new technologies have transformed the way we live and work. From the smartphone to Netflix, each new technology has altered the way we carry out day to day tasks, and many would argue for the better. One area that is increasingly drawing attention is wearable technology. These devices can sync up with your smartphone and allow you to make payments, take calls, and even measure your heartbeat, all from your wrist. Much like the smartphone, wearable tech took things to the next level.

However, the transformation driven by wearable tech does not stop there. It is not just the consumer world that has benefitted from its advent; life has become much easier in the warehouse too. Did you know that Motorola Solutions – now part of Zebra Technologies – invented the first wearable mobile computing category 22 years ago with the launch of the APS3395? Ever since then, we have been working to make wearable devices more comfortable and effective.

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Wearable solutions in the warehouse can transform processes, improving efficiency and boosting productivity – and never was this more essential than today. Thanks again to the internet, online shopping has revolutionised customer behaviour.  Consumers now want fast delivery to their homes, creating new challenges for manufacturers and their supply chains. Warehouses now need to pick faster and more accurately to deal with the dramatic increase in order volume and shipping locations.

A powerful, hands-free picking solution can enable workers to pick more orders, more accurately, every day, delivering a 15% increase in productivity and reducing errors by 39%. Opting for a multi-modal solution means workers can provide voice instructions, view items and pick locations on screen, scan a barcode or RFID tag and utilise the touchscreen to enter information with just a press of a finger. With all of these functions combined, multi-modal speech-directed solutions can deliver a dramatic increase in productivity and accuracy.

These solutions don’t stop at the mobile computer. Combine it with a Bluetooth 1D/2D ring scanner, a Bluetooth or corded headset and a software solution that enables you to create powerful and highly intuitive applications, and you have the perfect enterprise-class wearable solution.

On June 30th, we will be launching the next generation in hands-free mobile computing. Don’t miss out; discover how the latest devices can give you better range, better motion tolerance, faster reads and better scanning performance. So if you think your warehouse could benefit from a 15% increase in productivity, click here or on the button below to register or to view the recording:

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