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How to successfully deploy PSS technology

Posted by Nadim Ghafoor

August 10, 2017 at 1:00 PM

How to Successfully Deploy PSS Technology

With online giants such as Amazon and budget discounters like Aldi dominating the retail landscape, it is increasingly important for retailers to find new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

One of the ways retailers can achieve this is by improving the in-store customer experience using technology such as Personal Shopping Solutions (PSS). Stores can reduce queue times, offer personalised promotions and streamline the entire shopping process, thereby increasing revenue and gaining a competitive edge.

However, deploying PSS correctly is essential to its success. Retailers need to focus their efforts on how to increase customer adoption in-store to see the business benefits of the technology.

In this blog, we will provide some best practice advice for rolling out PSS technology in stores, as well as how retail stores can help customers to embrace it.


Offer guided trips to customers on their first try with PSS to get them comfortable with using the solution.

If stores are to ensure widespread adoption of PSS, the solution needs to be easy-to-use and customers need to be comfortable with it. On that basis, for customers who are using PSS for the first time, offering guided trips and simple tutorials on how to use the solution, will aid PSS adoption and improve the overall customer experience. These tutorials should include how to locate items, scan them, search for specific items and the checkout process. If customers enjoy using the PSS solutions – they will be more likely to recommend it to others.


Keep the store entrance and checkouts manned at all times – and have your staff use PSS too!

One way to increase customer adoption of PSS from the offset is to have employees stationed at the PSS device stands and engage with customers as they come into the store. A simple discussion or demonstration on how customers can use PSS to streamline their shopping experience and reduce the time spent at checkout will work wonders for PSS adoption.

Lastly, at peak periods, you want to have your store’s entrances and checkouts manned. This means you have every opportunity to assist customers as they arrive and advertise the PSS solution, as well as be on hand for any customers who are having trouble or require support with the device as they are leaving.


Learn from other stores who have deployed PSS

Taking a leaf from other retail stores who have deployed PSS is an excellent way to improve your store’s integration and utilisation of it. Find out what other retail stores managed to do well – and not so well – and use that information to make strategic decisions on how you deploy and enhance your in-store PSS experience.


Choose a robust, familiar and easy-to-use solution

It’s important to appreciate that most of your shoppers will be used to a particular operating system; think Apple IOS or Android. Picking a solution that runs on either of these operating systems will increase the adoption of PSS in-store as customers will be familiar with the interface and functions.

Next, you need to think about shopper comfort. The PSS device you choose needs to sit well in their hands, be lightweight and robust. Shoppers do not want to carry around a heavy scanner – especially if they are on their weekly or monthly shop!


Strive for 100% barcode availability

In order for PSS to work – your products in store need to be barcoded. If customers can’t scan the items they want to purchase, this will lead to unnecessary delays and customers will undoubtedly be dissatisfied with the experience. Before you go all-in with PSS and offer it for customer usage, ensure every item is barcoded.

Ultimately, deploying PSS technology can deliver significant business benefits, including an increase in revenue, reduction in costs and improved customer experience – providing the solution is supported and promoted by employees in store. The tips outlined in this blog should provide you with the insight you need to get your PSS programme up and running – and enable you to start providing more value to your customers.

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