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How technology can help deliver a great experience in-store

Posted by John Wyer

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November 24, 2017 at 8:33 AM

How Technology delivers a great instore experience
Despite our increasingly busy lives, shopping remains popular. In Australia 95% of sales take place in-store , in the US it’s 91.5% and in the UK it’s 90%. With these figures in mind, predictions that ultimately stores will be redundant are being replaced by a recognition that they provide valuable point of differentiation. This said, with online sales set to climb, enhancing the shopping experience, and making the most of the direct connection with customers, is imperative.


Technology has a lead role to play in-store. Our global Reinventing Retail Study finds that by 2021: 87% of retailers are planning to use mobile point of sales devices to take payments anywhere in-store; 85% are looking to give associates tablet PCs to help them better serve customers; and 78% expect to invest in kiosks to augment the store.

When it comes to your team’s mobile devices, it can be tempting to buy consumer models instead of those deigned for enterprise use. But consumer devices aren’t built to survive the knocks and drops that happen in the workplace, they’re not comfortable working continuously and battery performance can erode. So failure rates can be high. This, in turn, ups ownership costs – usually some way beyond any savings gained from buying consumer devices in the first place.

We think there’s a better way to help your staff in-store in the shape of the ET50 tablet computer. It works like, and looks every bit as good as, a consumer device, but it’s built for retail. It’s also versatile excelling at key tasks from helping associates better serve customers, to managing inventory, merchandising, re-labelling, improving team communications and many more.


Our design guys spend a lot of time working beside store teams – in the stock room, interacting with customers and managing ops’ including inventory and pricing. The result of this insight is a tablet with:
  • Great looks: The ET50 looks every bit as good as consumer tablets, with a sleek and minimal design that presents an impressive image for your brand. But under the chassis it’s tough and ready to survive knocks and drops, from the shop floor to stock room.
  • Fast operation: Brimming with memory and a super powerful chip, the ET50 enables your teams to quickly help customers, whether that’s checking stock, placing an online order or showing them a video.
  • Queue-busting potential: Many retailers told us that budgets remain tight and technology needs to be versatile. That’s why the ET50 can double as a voice device (using a headset and our voice app) and comes with a fitting to use it as a kiosk to allow customers to search for information and buy and arrange home delivery.
  • Advanced data capture: Two cameras are available for general data capture. But if your users are regularly stock-taking, checking prices and processing deliveries or returns we suggest using the dedicated scanner. The integrated scanner comes as an option with the ‘expansion back’. The expansion back screws into place instead of the existing battery cover and also includes a standard or rotating hand strap and an auxiliary battery. The scanner can be used to quickly and easily capture NFC tags and any type of barcodes or RFID symbols including those that are torn, faint, scratched, and otherwise comprised for fast, accurate and uninterrupted data capture.
  • A screen for merchandising: The high quality 8- or 10-inch screen displays content in crystal clear definition – whether that be sales spreadsheets or merchandising videos.
  • Intuitive use: Built into the expansion back is a rotating handle, with a velcro strap, that fits the tablet snugly to the hand and allows the user to easily orientate the tablet (e.g. to scan a barcode) while keeping the other hand free. The device can also be controlled by a finger or stylus and, whether you choose Android or Windows versions, the touch-interface will be familiar and easy for your teams to use. 
  • Endless power: The battery in the expansion back is hot swappable – this effectively means that with spare batteries (there are loads of cradle and charging accessories) the tablet doesn’t need to leave users’ hands to be charged.


In common with all our devices, the ET50 comes backed with the software and services enterprises need. Our Mobility DNA software suite for Android includes management and development tools, along with utilities and ready to go apps that lower ownership costs and help users to be more productive, more quickly. Lifeguard, also for Android, extends OS security updates way beyond the typical 36 months provided by consumer devices while we also offer a range of remote monitoring services to help you gauge the performance, verify the usage, and track the repair status of each device. What’s more we have a global service and support organization on hand that can also manage your ET50s for you.

With our partners having built a powerful range of apps for the ET50, it’s the tablet device that’s best equipped to getting down to the business of delivering a great in-store experience.

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