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How Government Organizations Can Benefit from the Internet of Things

Posted by Zebra Global

March 12, 2015 at 8:30 AM


The fourth in a series of blogs taking a closer look at Zebra's 2014 global study, commissioned by Forrester Consulting, on IoT implementation in the enterprise. The series will culminate in a Twitter chat discussing the Internet of Things.

Government agencies and organizations around the globe rely on intricate and advanced technologies to keep their operations moving effectively. Governments, like businesses, must have proper visibility into their processes to be sure all parts of their operations run smoothly. It is crucial that these groups utilize technologies to make everyday activities more accurate and efficient.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has greatly benefited government organizations in a number of ways. Based on survey results from a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Zebra Technologies, 89 percent of respondents working in a government organization agree that IoT is the technology initiative of the decade. Governmental groups are seeing the major benefits and moving forward with IoT implementations. In fact, early adopters of IoT solutions are evident, as 18% to 29% of surveyed industry and government organizations already have an IoT solution in place. There is also momentum for continued IoT solution deployment. Between 32% and 39% of industry respondents are in the process of deploying IoT solutions, and another 22% to 32% of these firms plan to deploy IoT solutions in the next year. Government IoT adoption differs, with 28% of these organizations already having an IoT solution in place and about 15% of firms in the process of deploying an IoT solution.

Most government respondents expect IoT to provide operational and actionable data on location and condition, which will:

  • Empower process and cost optimization
  • Provide actionable data
  • Reduce loss & enhance safety so they can improve asset utilization
  • Improve inventory and operations
  • Enhance their ability to serve the customer

The biggest hurdle government respondents anticipate is implementation complexity. While the thought of unrolling a whole IoT system at once can be daunting, Zebra encourages customers to take it step by step and work with an expert to ensure all technology is customized specifically for the needs of each specific governmental organization.

Download the Forrester study Zebra commissioned here.

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