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Posted by Marie-France Dequeker

December 4, 2018 at 3:17 AM

Hospitals and clinics need to be able to efficiently trace medical implants in case of product recall.


Leading French healthcare provider, Hexagone Neuilly Group, has recently automated its implant tracking systems; it has deployed Zebra TC51-HC Touch Computers running Ehtrace’s ScanDM application at its three medical-surgical centres – Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann in Neuilly-sur-Seine, just to the west of Paris.

The ScanDM application running on the TC51-HCs enables the direct reading and processing of all types of GS1, 1D and 2D medical barcodes, so all products used in the operating theatres at the clinics can be fully traced and linked back to the group’s systems, for stock management, patient files and invoicing.

Charlotte Dubois, Project Leader at Ambroise Paré Clinic, explains why the group selected Zebra’s TC51-HC devices specifically: “We chose the Zebra TC51-HC Touch Computers as they are fully certified for use in hospitals and the healthcare environment. We clean the devices after each operation with medical grade disinfectants without this being a problem and the devices are contemporary, easy to use, reliable and robust.”

Zebra Technologies partner Barcode Price supplied and delivered the TC51-HCs and the accessories: Zebra Ethernet Single Unit HC Battery Chargers, which can be used to synchronise collected data should wireless coverage not be available, and Zebra Trigger Handles, which are now being used by chemists in the group. Indeed, the initial deployment for implant scanning has been so successful that the solution is now being used on a wider level.

Charlotte Dubois summarises: “The whole solution fulfils our needs perfectly, is saving us time and costs, and ensures our compliance. Moreover, the system is extremely flexible and we are now also utilising it in our pharmacies, to analyse the costs of products during operations and for stocktaking.”

This mobility solution from Zebra and Ehtrace is delivering numerous benefits, including:

  • Enabling hospital staff to stay focused on their job of caring for patients

  • Eliminating the need for data re-entry

  • Compliance with the new traceability legislation

  • Increased accuracy and great visibility: the clinics are better informed; its patients are better informed

  • Financial traceability and a detailed operative costs analysis

  • Increased productivity

  • Good ROI

To learn more about Zebra’s full suite of technologies designed for healthcare, please visit Zebra Technologies. Or, for more information on this story, please click on these links: Zebra success story, Ehtrace and Barcode Price.

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