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Posted by Paul Milner

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January 29, 2015 at 8:06 AM


When a customer makes a purchase it’s the result of both logic and emotion. Mobile technology now helps retailers get customers to the right place on both fronts – giving shoppers the information and the service they want, at the moment they need it. In fact, 4 out of 5 customers now use a mobile while shopping in store.

In-store customer Wi-Fi lets you to facilitate web-rooming – which is about much more than simply checking your price against competitors. It’s about researching to find more information about the product than you’re able to show in store. As a result of online shopping, some customers feel the need for more detail before feeling ready to commit. The most valuable information to them of course is the opinion and experience of peers.

Looking beyond the price competition, if your customers can’t access the information they need to choose between one of your products and another (without talking to staff), they will often walk away empty handed.

The question is – what can you do about it?

You need to deliver a more connected, personalised experience that meets the needs of the modern shopper using smart mobile technology.

The key bit of information you can now access is the customer’s location within the store – at the moment they make a decision. Every smartphone features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. Zebra MPact uses these technologies to map a customer’s in-store journey.

It can give you the information you need to create interactions that increase transactions. You could even deliver an interactive map including location to help shoppers find what they are looking for without squinting at distant signs. When they reach what they are looking for, sales assistants can help provide expert product advice. Once the customer has found what they’re looking for, between the information that they can access online, and the expert advice of a sales assistant – they have all that they need to feel ready to purchase.

And with information about their customer journey, you know more about what they were looking at in your store. This gives you the ability to send them a bespoke promotion – either while they’re at home, or while they’re in the store.

Since 80% of customers would like a more mobile-optimised in-store shopping experience, this might be a more important opportunity than you realise.

So why not welcome customers back to your store with a personalised discount, and make those extra sales?

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About the Author: As Senior Solutions Marketing Manager specifically in the Retail sector, Paul works closely with the entire vertical team providing subject matter expertise to introduce new solutions and ideas into EMEA.


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