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Harvard Business Review: Advancing the Customer Experience

Posted by Zebra Global

March 24, 2015 at 8:05 AM



Harvard Business Review (HBR) featured Zebra in a new report regarding Zebra's adoption of the Internet of Things, cloud and mobile as a way to improve customers' experience.

Providing potent customer experiences is moving to the top of corporate agendas. Forrester Research analyst Michael Gazala predicted that in 2015 the race to create the best customer experience will hit the gas pedal. “Since 2007, the average customer experience in the industries that Forrester tracks has gone up across the board, and the number of truly awful experiences has dropped like a rock.”

Indeed, a growing majority of executives believe that better customer experiences should provide a competitive advantage for their companies, according to a 2014 survey by HBR Analytic Services nearly half said customer experience must be a strategic priority. However, the vast majority of companies struggle to tie customer experience investments to business outcomes—even companies at the leading edge.

The contrast begs two broad questions:

  • What prompts organizations to make customer experience a strategic priority, and what ensures success?
  • How do companies keep the momentum going and increase focus on specific customer experience challenges whose impact on business outcomes isn’t always clear?
In interviews with experts and executives charged with fortifying customer experiences, HBR found clear answers to these questions.

Read the full report here


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