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Gaming – Empower The Integrated Resort Experience

Posted by Garry Reichert

June 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM


Casino resorts of the future need to attract a younger generation of guests who have even higher expectations for personalized experiences.  To achieve that, they need to create a smarter casino environment enabled by something we call Enterprise Asset Intelligence. 

The idea is to gain insight into all the resort’s assets, whether that be guests, staff, gaming equipment, or inventory, and gather that asset intelligence in real-time in an automatic way that enables resorts to engage guests and elevate revenue. Through our locationing, scanning, kiosks and wireless solutions, resorts and the gaming technology providers that serve them can proactively place the right resources in front of the right guests at the right time.  

Staff can be allocated to areas in high demand, check-in can be automated, guests can be engaged as they move throughout the property, and offers can be presented to loyal guests on their mobile devices to increase revenue opportunities.

Resort guests feel recognized in a personal way and casinos enjoy the benefits of higher revenue potential.





From outside the casino to across the resort property, your casino resort clients can connect to their guests with intelligent locationing and loyalty solutions from Zebra.   

With Zebra, you can expand the power of your gaming and resort solutions to:

  • Increase guest engagement
  • Amplify revenue opportunities
  • Enhance staff effectiveness

Our OEM Gaming team partners with gaming technology providers to create new guest and revenue opportunities.  

You see this in our location solutions today. With Zebra’s MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing, guests enter the resort, connect their mobile phone to the Wi-Fi and receive a customized message.  We’re starting that personalization journey as soon as they arrive.  Then your casino clients can monitor where they are within the resort to provide them a better experience.

Imagine Drawing Guests Into the Resort and Its CRM System

In order to unlock special offers, guests must be connected to the Wi-Fi – and you can ensure they must provide a valid email address in order to do so. These guests might only be interested in the casino – this time. By tracking their location and spending habits, these guests can receive targeted offers based on their behavior while on property, and allowing you to connect with them via email in the future when they’re off-property, incenting them to return.

Imagine Engaging Guests Across the Resort Property

As the guest enters the resort, they are prompted on their mobile phone to join the Wi-Fi network and then greeted with a welcome through your resort app. Through a combination of Wi-Fi and locationing beacons, the guest’s movement and activity can then be tracked through their phone across the resort and customized loyalty and promotional offers may be presented via your app – which guests may access on their phone, via kiosks or digital signage.

This is where gaming technology and casino resorts are headed toward an integrated resort experience.  As an OEM provider for the gaming industry, we’d like to help you realize that technology vision for your casino clients and their guests.

The interesting thing about the future of gaming resorts is that it’s really getting back to its roots. It’s about delivering a personalized, welcoming guest experience, knowing who I am, what I need, and being able to engage in a compelling way.

If your company works in gaming technology, Zebra is an OEM partner you should consider.

Let’s work together to make your casino clients' guest experience more personal than ever and their revenue potential more promising than they ever imagined.

To find out more about Zebra’s OEM solutions for gaming, visit us at: www.zebra.com/oem.

Garry Reichert is VP, OEM - North America for Zebra Technologies.

Topics: APAC, North America, EMEA, OEM, Gaming