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Five ways to tell if you have industrial strength WLAN

Posted by Rachel Hinde-Harris

May 11, 2015 at 8:59 AM


If you work in an office all day you might not see the difference between the WLAN you use and that on the factory floor (or the warehouse or the port for that matter).

But talk to anyone who works in one of these industrial settings and in most cases they will tell you the Wi-Fi they need to get the job done simply isn’t up to the task.

There are a number of reasons why this might be the case.

Firstly, the changing nature of industrial environments. WLAN is now critical to operations and industrial settings need to stay connected to the rest of the supply chain to be efficient.

Secondly, this WLAN needs to be able to cope with increasing complexity as industrial requirements expand into real time communications.

Finally, industrial spaces have a unique set of characteristics that marks them out as different from carpeted spaces. Understanding what these are will help you shape your WLAN so that it is fit for purpose.

So what are the key questions you need to ask of your WLAN to ensure you get industrial strength WLAN?

  1. Can your WLAN support reliable mobile connectivity in a complex and dynamic environment?
  2.  Can your network support a plethora of consumer and industrial strength devices?
  3.  Can your industrial network deliver the optimum amount of bandwidth for each voice, data and video application?
  4. Do you have the tools and/or resources to monitor and manage your industrial wireless network and devices in real time?
  5. Can you deploy a unified corporate-wide WLAN optimized for both carpeted and industrial environments?

Discover why the answers to these five questions are so important and what more you can do to take advantage of the wireless opportunity in industrial spaces.

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