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Enhancing your event experience with tracking technology

Posted by Zebra EMEA

March 25, 2014 at 10:11 AM

Today, delegate and sponsor expectations are higher than ever – and there is ever-increasing pressure placed on the event industry to keep up with these constantly growing demands. From festivals and flower shows to symposiums and seminars, those attending, funding and working at events want nothing short of the best.

This can prove a challenge, especially with the significant projected growth of the industry, which means that event organisers are handling bigger budgets – and therefore bigger visitor numbers.

In these times of austerity, ROI is a watchword for businesses – but with this in mind, do we really get value for money when we attend an event, as either a delegate or a sponsor?

Thanks to modern tracking technologies that can improve efficiency, profitability and event experience, the answer can be “yes”.


Consider how technology can help deliver ROI

Event managers must ensure event badging is technology-enabled so that stand holders can capture data efficiently and field enquiries the same day. This also helps event managers to make their event stand out by making it a much more agile, immersive and interactive experience for delegates.

Instead of spending valuable interaction time writing down customer details then entering them manually onto a database later (which takes around three minutes per lead), consider the swipe of an event-badge ID, then a second swipe to associate the ID with the customer’s product or service interest. This then links to a database, and can take as little as five seconds, leaving your on-stand sales team to develop the relationship, build interest and work the next lead. Now that’s time and money well spent.

These technologies include barcoding, RFID and NFC, which are all widely available and easy to embed into ID badges, cards, wristbands and more – allowing you to be proactive, not just reactive; extend your business reach and agility; and achieve greater visibility over your events.

Providing greater visibility

This greater visibility can be used in a number of ways, right from knowing when and how packages and items will arrive using barcode technology, to tracking and responding in real time, to crowd-management issues using passive and active RFID. At large or small events, the principles and needs remain the same.

Embedding this technology enables crowd management, VIP revenue capabilities and sponsor advertising.

Enhanced event flexibility and control

As well as tracking technology, on-demand, on-site printing can enhance event flexibility and control. With Zebra’s Link-OS®, for example, Bluetooth®- and wireless-enabled mobile and desktop devices can be paired, offering a new operating environment for software and devices.

This means that staff can print with just a touch on any device using NFC – with real-time multiple device management feeding back to one central PC, using cloud technology.

On-demand printing vs. mass printing

On-demand printing provides the opportunity to update format and content centrally for badging and ticketing, then deploy across the printer estate. It also enables usage monitoring so that device deployment can be optimised. This technology can revolutionise badging and ticketing, creating a fast, simple experience for staff, delegates and sponsors alike. Whilst, with mass printing, there is the tendency to waste money by over-ordering due to the minimum order quantities required.

On-demand printing allows the user to be flexible with the types of ticketing allocated to different customers such as those with fast passes and VIPs. Finally, sponsors’ messaging on tickets and badges can be added closer to the event giving the sales team a larger window of closure for sponsors.

There are so many more applications of Zebra’s technology that can help to make your events the best ever. Why not take a look at our Hospitality Virtual World – an animated and interactive journey into how Zebra is changing the event industry worldwide – and see for yourself?

For more information on hospitality see the hospitality virtual world.

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