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Enabling Manufacturing Traceability

Posted by Hannah Moule

November 1, 2017 at 5:28 AM



Are your customers becoming more and more demanding when it comes to individual component tracking in electrical goods you have produced?

Accountability is increasing in all areas of today’s world – and manufacturing is no exception. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are present in most electrical products: iPhones, computers, televisions, for example. And businesses, especially those in high risk sectors such as aerospace and engineering, want to be able to track and trace individual PCBs.

Global supplier of SMT printing solutions Speedprint Technology has partnered with the Zebra Technologies OEM team to help manufacturers address that issue.

Groundbreaking Technology

Speedprint is the first to offer a Stencil Printer with an inbuilt barcode label placement system (S-Track) and a scan engine. It selected the Zebra SE3307HD OEM Array Imager Scan Engine for its printers for numerous reasons including:

  • The reliable, high-quality scan engine offers fast, first-time, accurate every-time scanning, even of damaged or poorly printed 1D and 2D barcodes
  • It is easy to integrate into the small space available in the printers and can also be fitted retrospectively
  • The scan engine offers a flexible, future-proof solution with a long product life cycle

A Great Partnership That Delivers Results

The Zebra OEM team offered unrivalled technical expertise and worked closely with Speedprint throughout the design stages to produce the S-Track printer. Now companies can benefit from a PCB printer that enables barcoding and scanning of each PCB from the very start of the manufacturing process, so they can track and trace individual PCBs at any stage in their life cycle.

For more information, please visit the success story or, to learn more about Speedprint Technology and Zebra’s OEM Array Imager Scan Engines, please click on these links.


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