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Make life easier with the Link-OS™ environment

Posted by Zebra EMEA

July 10, 2013 at 3:31 AM

Demand is growing for devices that are mobile, intelligent and connected to the cloud. This evolving need calls for new technologies and solutions. In response, Zebra has created the Link-OS environment, an open platform that pairs smart Zebra™ devices with powerful software apps.

Zebra’s Link-OS printers are significantly easier to manage and integrate into global operations because the Link-OS platform makes device deployment, administration and troubleshooting simpler and quicker.

Link-OS components

The Link-OS environment consists of a new device operating system, an advanced software development kit (SDK) and powerful new applications.

For instance, Print Touch which uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology . This means that when you hold your NFC enabled smartphone up against the relevant NFC logo on your printer, your phone will read the tag and display a menu of choices specific to your Zebra product and app. You’ll then be able to check its status, or perhaps reorder items before they run out. The Link-OS environment has been designed to make life easier.

Link-OS includes other effort-saving functions. AirWatch® Connector allows for simplified mobile device management. The Zebra Utilities and Print Station apps quickly enable tablet- and smartphone-based printing.

Cloud Connect allows developers to connect Link-OS devices to the cloud, directly and securely. The Link-OS Multiplatform Software Development Kit delivers all the tools needed for flexible custom solution development on multiple systems. 

The first release of Link-OS Version is now available with the following Zebra devices:

  • QLn420™ mobile printer (Print Touch, AirWatch Connector, Print Station, SDK)
  • QLn220™ mobile printer (AirWatch Connector, Print Station, SDK)
  • QLn320™ mobile printer (AirWatch Connector, Print Station, SDK)
  • iMZ220™ and iMZ320™ mobile printers (Print Touch, AirWatch Connector, Print Station, SDK)
  • ZT200™ series printers (AirWatch Connector, Print Station, SDK)

This is just the beginning. As we move to the Link-OS product launch later in 2013, we’ll be adding more innovative features and devices to our Link-OS environment. Visit www.zebra.com/linkos to learn more.

The Link OS™ Environment Explained:  

How could Link-OS make your life easier? We’d love to hear what you think. Get in touch!

Richard Hughes-Rowlands

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