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Posted by Corina Sehmar

February 27, 2018 at 4:16 AM

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It’s out with the old and in with the new. Logistics companies need to adopt new technologies to ensure their delivery operations meet future demand.

But why is this?

Consumer demands are increasing and they want an efficient service. Today’s modern shopper does not have the time to visit stores in person and are increasingly turning to the internet to find better deals.

These changes mean there is pressure among the supply chain to improve the operation from how items get from the warehouse to the customer’s door. Customers do not like to wait all day for a delivery and want to know a specific time for when they can expect to receive their order. This type of expectation is putting a burden on e-retailers to get their delivery processes right.

How can this be solved?

That’s easy, through mobile technology.

Why should your delivery service move towards mobile technology?

The problem:

Failing to make a delivery on time can cost businesses not only time, but money. With the current delivery environment, there are many factors that can tarnish the customer experience:

  • The lack of information readily available to the driver regarding content of the delivery which can cause issues, such as giving the customer insufficient information
  • If a customer wants additional items for their delivery, the driver will not have the ability to amend an order and capture additional stock
  • Using paper delivery notes is risky, the driver may lose them or handwriting might be illegible, leading to problems or unhappy customers due to missing items

For customers using internet shopping services, the delivery driver is the only human interaction the customers have with the brand, therefore a bad experience can cause serious damage!

The solution:

Now let’s look at how mobile technology can improve all these problems:

  • Automatic updates reduce the administration workload, meaning the driver and warehouse are aligned
  • If the customer needs additional items, a quick ping via their mobile device can easily alert the driver
  • Having the customer sign a mobile device will be readable, trackable and won’t be lost in paperwork

Benefits of this for your business:

Using mobile technology saves you time, makes you more money AND keeps your customers happy. Thanks to mobile technology, customers don’t need to guess where their delivery driver is, there is proof provided on both ends of the delivery AND your delivery drivers won’t ever lose their way in unknown areas.

How to choose the best mobile device…

So now you can see the benefits of mobile devices, how can you possibly pick the best one? Through Zebra Technologies extensive portfolio which is aimed to help your business achieve dynamic deliveries. Take a look for yourself!

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