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Driving delivery management to a whole new level

Posted by Maria Casu

October 4, 2018 at 6:55 AM

Suomen Kaukokiito Oy  is Finland’s leading private logistics company. It manages 3.5 million shipments annually.


Reviewing its delivery management processes, Kaukokiito pinpointed four key requirements. It needed:

  • The latest, high-performance, reliable Android device, which could cope with extreme temperatures, to run its own-in house software
  • A multifunctional device that would offer fast processing speeds, 4G connectivity and a high-resolution camera
  • A more effective delivery management system, which would allow drivers to work more productively
  • A solution that would deliver an improved user experience for optimal uptake and engagement

Step up Zebra’s TC75

Kaukokiito chose Zebra’s TC75 Touch Computers as they are reliable, robust and deliver fast processing and scanning speeds. Having a single device for all delivery and warehousing tasks results in ease of use and management. Users can work more productively and effectively and enjoy an improved, more intuitive user interface.

From A to Z

All drivers now carry a Zebra TC75 to manage the whole delivery process. And the devices are protected by Zebra OneCare and remotely managed and updated by SOTI® MobiControl to ensure the solution keeps running optimally. And it’s not only the drivers who use the TC75s; the warehouse team are using them too, in conjunction with Zebra’s industrial printers.

Just a few of the business benefits:

  • From a smooth deployment to excellent service provided by Zebra OneCare, this is a total package solution
  • Kaukokiito has benefitted from significant efficiency gains and an excellent ROI
  • Shipment accuracy has improved due to constant tracking and tracing
  • The solution is helping Kaukokiito towards its aim of paperless shipments

If you are interested in finding out more about how Kaukokiito has optimised its delivery management systems, please visit the success story or contact us to find out more. Or click on these links to read about Kaukokiito and Zebra’s Fleet and Delivery solutions.

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