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Do You Count on Accurate Inventory Reporting?

Posted by John Wyer

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August 9, 2016 at 12:00 PM

What do you do if you run a successful business and yet have to rely on consultants to tell you how much stock you have at any particular moment in time? Prénatal Moeder & Kind B.V, the leading Dutch maternity products distributor and retailer, was in such a position, employing an external company to run automated inventory counts across its 19 megastores and 40 city stores throughout the Netherlands.


Outsourcing inventory management is expensive and does not allow for ad hoc inventory checks. In Prénatal Moeder & Kind’s case, the inventory checks were conducted once a year.

Time to take things in-house

To gain more timely insight into stock levels, Prénatal Moeder & Kind turned to Zebra Technologies’ Premier Solution partner Dalosy for advice and support. Dalosy specified a turnkey solution comprising Zebra MC40 mobile computers running a bespoke inventory application. The app was designed in close cooperation with Prénatal’s inventory management and IT teams.

Training staff to use a new system can be time-consuming so, in this instance, the company began with a simple application – an inventory count. Over time further things were added, such as control count, pricing information and printing price labels.

Improved service

Teams have quickly and easily engaged with the new system, which has improved customer service by allowing staff to check stock – e.g. colours, sizes, stock levels and more – simply by scanning a product’s barcode with the MC40. Also, staff now use the MC40 to check inventory once a week. The MC40s connect wirelessly to the in-store network and send data to the company’s ERP system.

Prénatal Moeder & Kind has insight into in-store stocks and has the ability to manage its inventory more effectively.

While the new system reduces the business’s reliance on the annual accuracy of external consultants, enhances customer service, improves business information and reduces the risk attached to inventory management, we also think the Prénatal Moeder & Kind example simply proves that, when it comes to operating your business, you can count on Zebra to deliver the best result.

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