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Posted by Zebra EMEA

September 18, 2014 at 9:15 AM


What have you done to prevent (or lessen the impact of) supply chain disruptions? If the answer’s “nothing”, your organisation could be in serious danger of destroying its brand image and losing business.

To compete in today’s unpredictable economy, you need greater visibility and control. You need to identify the exact location and condition of your stock, at any moment. And take immediate action if there’s a problem… wherever, whatever.

Let’s take the healthcare industry as an example to illustrate this. A healthcare manufacturer needs to ensure that their products are accurately made and to tight deadlines. That’s why end-to-end visibility of the supply chain is important.

When the components for the medication are being transported from the supplier to the healthcare manufacturer, you can track the journey and the actual condition of the components using pressure sensor technologies and anti-tampering labels. This further ensures the right materials reach the factory and prevents counterfeiting happening during this time.

Once the components get to the factory, they can be accurately tagged on the spot using one of Zebra’s mobile thermal printers to instantly print a barcode or encode an RFID tag making the items traceable throughout the factory floor. This helps to prevent any mix up and ensures the right components are being used in the manufacturing of medication.

When the manufacturing of medication is complete, each item is scanned, labelled, batched and loaded for distribution to pharmacies and hospitals, again tracking the condition of them during the journey. In the instance where the refrigerator stops working during this journey, you’ll be able to make an instant decision, to either ask the driver to fix it, if the load is still salvageable, or work towards correcting the situation, which may mean sending a new batch to the destinations. All the information can be seen in real time, giving you the ability to avoid undue costs on the back end.

This crucial Enterprise Asset Intelligence can help give visibility for a cost-effective process, knowing what’s happing on the floor at any given time. The Internet of Things binds the technologies to enhance the visibility. Zatar enables businesses of all sizes to access and analyse mission-critical information from practically anywhere in the world. Zatar is optimised for tablet and mobile devices; users can either download the app or log onto Zatar to determine whether deliveries have been delayed or goods have been damaged.

Zebra has a solution for every need…

Its marketing-leading, cost-effective technology can be applied to any industry, from healthcare and retail to distribution and manufacturing. To discover how it can enhance visibility and streamline your supply chain, visit here.

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