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Data Capture and Analytics in Healthcare

Posted by Andy Tippet

June 17, 2014 at 9:00 AM




The discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data has helped to drive the success of many industries, from retail to insurance.  However, the use of analytics to improve outcomes in the healthcare industry has not gained as much ground – until now.

Consider the following model:


The first step (the collection of large and complex data sets) has been notoriously difficult for healthcare providers.  Without the ability to capture big data, healthcare providers are unable to utilize analytics to improve outcomes. 

“Zebra adds value in the Analytics eco-system by enabling the capture of key data with barcoding technology.  Whether it is barcoded wristbands, barcoded labels on specimens and medications, or barcoded clinician IDs, Zebra’s solutions sets can bridge the crucial piece to data capture,” said Andy Tippet, Marketing Manager, Healthcare. 

Once the data is captured using barcoding technology, healthcare providers need to aggregate and verify it before they can apply analytics.

The introduction of electronic health records (EHRs) to U.S. hospitals launched the healthcare industry into a new, high-tech age, with a high potential for the use of analytics to improve outcomes.  With the EHR, healthcare providers are able to access information about individual patients, or populations, including:

  •         Demographics
  •         Medical history
  •         Medication
  •         Allergies
  •         Immunization status 
  •         Laboratory test results
  •         Radiology images
  •         Vital signs
  •         And personal statistics, such as height and weight.

The use of barcoding technology to capture data and the EHR represent landmarks in the healthcare industry.

“As has been the case in other industries, there is significant potential in analytics for better decision making on the allocation of resources,” said Tippet. 

Check out Andy Tippet’s article on data capture and analytics in Health IT Outcomes! 

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About the Author: As healthcare practice lead – Americas, Andy Tippet oversees healthcare practice for North America and South America Regions of Zebra Technologies. Tippet provides planning and execution on marketing initiatives to drive revenues.

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