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Connecting the right patient to the right care

Posted by David Stain

November 14, 2017 at 3:38 AM


There is simply no room for error in hospitals when it comes to patient ID. It is vital that medical staff match records, medication, specimens and more to the right patient.


Recognising this, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) has deployed Zebra HC100 Wristband Printers and Zebra Z-Band Ultrasoft Wristbands.And numerous other NHS Trusts across the UK have deployed or are trialling similar patient ID solutions from Zebra Technologies.


LTHT is one of the six demonstrator sites for the NHS Scan4Safety programme, which introduces barcode technology for traceability into hospitals. The Zebra Technologies solution meets the Scan4Safety requirements. LTHT can now assure the identity of each of its patients by placing a Z-Band wristband, printed on the Zebra HC100, on to the patient. Scanning this wristband gives LTHT the ability to track the patient and their care through its hospitals.


Moreover, every service and product procured by an NHS Trust must be GS1 compliant by 2019. GS1 sets standards for identifying, capturing and sharing information.  This is where Zebra partner Dakota Healthcare comes in. Not only did Dakota Healthcare deploy the Zebra solution, it also designed bespoke programmes for LTHT to reformat the Zebra Z-Band wristbands to comply with GS1, as it had done with numerous other NHS Trusts.


  • Zebra Technologies is a leading provider in the healthcare sector, with thousands of successful deployments worldwide
  • Zebra’s healthcare solutions save long-term costs
  • Zebra and its partners work in close collaboration to deliver total solutions
  • Zebra hardware is reliable, robust and easy-to-use, and its healthcare range is specifically designed for the healthcare environment
  • Zebra’s range of Z-Band Ultrasoft Wristbands offers more comfort and durability

For more information on how Zebra Technologies helps to ensure patient safety, please visit the success story. Or, to learn more about LTHT, Dakota Healthcare, the HC100 printers, the Z-Band wristbands and solutions from Zebra Healthcare, please click on these links.


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