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Click & Collect is a Doddle

Posted by Hannah Moule

October 16, 2017 at 5:28 AM


Are you struggling to cope with Click & Collect volumes?

Well, now it can be a doddle.  Or should we say Doddle makes it a doddle. It’s all in the name. Doddle can now provide you with a seamless customer experience for your in-store Click & Collect offering with a tiny technological footprint – thanks to Zebra Technologies.


Doddle has become the leader in Click & Collect in the UK. Its aim is simple: to save customers that precious commodity in our ever busy world – time. Doddle has already partnered with more than 100 retailers including Amazon, ASOS, eBay, Missguided and Net-a-Porter and now processes millions of parcels every year.


Doddle built proprietary technology for more than 100 of its own Click & Collect stores and 350,000 customers, earning Doddle a Net Promoter Score of 82. Retailers can now replicate Doddle’s market leading Click & Collect experience in their own store environments with the launch of Powered by Doddle, Doddle’s end-to-end Click & Collect software solution. And Powered by Doddle will soon be available through Zebra’s ISV Partner Programme. 


In its own expanding network of Click & Collect locations, Doddle is deploying hardware from Zebra Technologies for its mobile Click & Collect solution. Employees are equipped with the enterprise-class TC70 or TC51 Touch Computers. They scan and record parcel information, manage returns and take photos for image recognition to find customer account details. The GK420D Desktop Printers, meanwhile, are used to print address labels or any hard copy documentation needed.  And it’s all backed up by a Zebra OneCare Essentials coverage plan.


  • Doddle can now open a new store or concession in just a few hours
  • It has reduced its IT CAPEX by up to 50%
  • The small technical footprint of the Zebra solution has helped Doddle to open hundreds of new locations at pace
  • Doddle has been able to streamline its processes by selecting reliable, robust, easy-to-use devices that can be used for every task
  • Doddle employees love the Zebra devices
  • And, finally, Doddle has a flexible and scalable system, which can easily be ramped up to meet growing demand and at peak seasons

Why make it complicated when it can be a doddle?


For more information, please visit the success story or to learn more about Doddle, the TC70, the TC51or  Zebra OneCare, please click on these links.


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