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Posted by Maria Casu

October 31, 2017 at 9:14 AM

Zebra mobile device

The time was when buying mobile devices for drivers and warehouse teams, you faced a tricky decision. Your users almost certainly wanted a consumer device. However, your procurement team may have worried that the devices would be too fragile to work all day everyday indoors, let alone on the road with drivers; fragility that could lead to a high degree of failures. But now, things are easier. 

Zebra Technology has developed a range of touch-screen mobile computers that look as smart – and work as simply – as smartphones. But comparisons end there because the devices are built to thrive in the workplace. They are tough, will work across shifts on a single charge, and come with a powerful range of management features to keep a tight control on costs. The computers are run by Android and there are three particular reasons why the line-up, that includes the TC56 and TC75 mobile computers, are especially-suited to Transport and Logistics.


  1. One device, many applications: Devices like the TC56 and TC75 come fully loaded with things to help your teams do more in less time. Take the high-performance integrated scanner: it scans much faster (20 to 50 times faster*)** and more accurately than smartphone imagers, it can capture multiple codes and codes that are damaged, faint, or otherwise compromised. The TC56 and TC75 also has a battery that lasts 14 hours and that can be swapped on the fly (without powering down the device) for non-stop performance. The screen is weather-proof – it will work in bright sunlight and when wet – and it can be used with gloves on. What’s more, the device will survive knocks, drops and life on the road. And, with powerful route guidance technology, super clear audio, and the ability to automate workflows from proof of delivery to vehicle checks, the TC56 and TC75 (wireless LAN and 4G model) has everything your drivers need to work safely, efficiently and productively.
  2. Peace of mind security: Zebra’s Android devices are the only ones to come with Extensions (Mx) as standard. This free solution adds layers of security and management features that turn devices into true enterprise-class tools. Added security features include the option to prevent the use of certain apps and peripherals, remotely lock or wipe the device, and apply government-grade security to any data to take PCI payments from customers in confidence. MX includes a wealth of other features too – including the facility to create a white-list of approved apps; enforce the download of patches and security updates; partition devices based on a user’s log-in; and integration with your MDM tools to allow you to remotely stage, update, troubleshoot, lock, wipe and monitor devices.
  3. Ease of use: With 8 out of 10 consumer devices now running on Android, chances are your teams will be familiar with it. Indeed, so simple is the TC56 and TC75 to use that many customers simply provide a short tuition video for new users – training times and costs are therefore cut significantly.
Devices like the TC56 and TC75 create a new class of mobile computer. They look great and are a breeze to use, but they’re all about business. They allow you to make a purchase decision with head and heart in alignment: buying a product that has everything your business needs; that will help your teams do more; that your people want to use and that’s designed to lower cost of ownership.

For more on what Android can do for you, download our Day in The Life: Transport and Logistics infographic.

* Tests performed by Scandit*
**Partners may choose to input their own research

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