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RTLS Solutions Increasingly Being Used in all Regions and Vertical Markets

Posted by Sabine Nickel

June 12, 2012 at 10:24 AM

Real-time locations systems (RTLS) are increasingly being deployed in companies with revenues of $200 million or more across all regions and vertical markets, according to 2012 research by VDC Research Group. Typical RTLS deployments occur in all aspects of the supply chain in industrial manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, healthcare, government, process industries and professional services.

RTLS and Asset Tracking"RFID is no longer considered an emerging technology. It is a proven solution with high value add and an increasingly attractive ROI," said Michael Liard, Director, AutoID for VDC Research Group. "While its use and the value it delivers is growing in most verticals, there is still a learning curve that we are hoping to accelerate as we've found that having an understanding of concepts and value that RTLS delivers is crucial in selecting and deploying the right technology and gaining the most business return from the solutions."

In VDC's most recent survey of enterprise end users with RTLS deployments, more than 50 percent of respondents noted it took less than a year to realize a return on investment. While RTLS can provide asset tracking and management capabilities, it is only one of a growing list of ways the technology is being used. According to VDC, other business benefits companies are realizing include enhanced security, improved visibility and operational efficiency gains across all aspects of their physical supply chains.

Zebra Technologies and VDC Research are presenting an educational series that further explores the technologies and will host a free "Understanding RTLS" webinar on Thursday, June 14 at 1:00 PM CDT, which will provide an overview of RTLS technologies, describe how RTLS solutions are being used today, explain what users need to know before deploying them and offer recommendations on how to select RTLS solutions.

Available immediately, VDC and Zebra are also providing a free white paper, "Understanding RTLS: What It Is, How It's Used and What You Need to Know before Deploying," to explore these topics.

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