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Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks Spreading to Government Use

Posted by Jan Nash

August 12, 2011 at 7:15 AM

Transactions at self-service kiosks are growing more than 10 percent per year in North America, with transactions expected to grow past $1.1 trillion per year through the devices by 2015. That’s according to IHL Group, which published its 2011 North American Self-Service Kiosks Market Study at the end of June. While IHL focuses its research on trends in retail and hospitality, the benefits of self-service kiosks apply equally to use in government applications.Zebra_kiosk_print_station_gift_registry

For example, self-service kiosks help reduce labor and operating costs, improve staff productivity and allow staff to provide more personal service in other areas—while bringing greater convenience and time savings to users.

As state and local governments search for every way possible to pinch every penny and eke out more efficiency, then, it’s no wonder that selfserviceworld.com reports many examples of government and public services embracing self-service technology. Here are a few: 

  • El Paso expects to reduce border personnel costs by implementing self-service tollbooths to collect international bridge tolls.
  • States have been using self-service kiosks for services like vehicle registration renewal. The Clark County (Nev.) DMV just put one in an Albertson’s grocery store, upping the convenience factor for people wanting to access DMV services.
  • The State of Maryland has set up kiosks at its parole offices, so low-risk parolees can check in at kiosks using hand-scanning for identification rather than waiting to see a parole officer.

As a manufacturer of kiosk printers, which are integrated into kiosks, we at Zebra can also weigh in with some examples of our own: 

  • State lottery kiosks containing kiosk printers print lottery tickets.
  • Veteran Administration offices use kiosks embedded with printers that create co-pay receipts and appointment reminders.
  • Coming up – Government offices will use kiosks (embedded with a Zebra card printer and Zebra kiosk receipt printer) to dispense access cards.

Learn more about the benefits of kiosks for a variety of industries in our previous blog article, 6 Reasons to Use Self-Service Kiosks—and 6 Resources to Learn More.

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