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Public Safety Suffering? eCitation is the Perfect Combatant

Posted by Chris Brown

April 13, 2011 at 7:43 AM

“Public safety will undoubtedly suffer…”

These words were spoken by Jim Palmer, head of the state police union of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association in wake of the potential non-existent federal budget for the State’s eCitation program. 

To read the article in its entirety click here.

eCitation systems allow officers, from their cars, to file traffic andeCitation other citations with a variety of offices – courts, district attorneys, the state Department of Transportation – with a single click. Additionally, they allow for officers to issue tickets on-demand with mobile printers (wireless or wired).  This allows for officers and offices to electronically file citations versus the manually issuing and filing where citations can get lost in the shuffle of a busy day. It also cuts down on time spent filing and processing.

According to the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance (OJA), their eCitation system handles approximately 1,900 systems a day. In some states this number can reach even higher numbers. Palmer, in the same article, also stated that “If this tool remains unfunded, it is reasonable to assume that fewer citations will be written.”

The loss of the eCitation system would have the greatest effect eCitation on individual officers. “We’re talking about officers not only writing tickets but physically  transporting them to different places where they can be entered manually,” he says. “You’re talking about increased costs at many different levels of government.”

Not only will daily processes slow for police, but several other Wisconsin agencies will be affected by the desolve of the State’s eCitation system, that additionally includes pilot programs under the Justice Information Sharing program that would allow courts and police to exchange restraining orders, no contact orders, and warrants electronically.

Other states suffer the same potential fates to their eCitation systems as well. Given the stated, it is fully comprehendible how important such systems are to our safety and well-being with the benefits they offer.

A few of the key benefits that eCitation provides: eCitation

1) Provides a safety assurance to the patrolling officers with less time spent on the side of the road

2) It boasts a strong ROI, quickly becoming a revenue generator for cities

3) Can reduce revenue loss from tickets being thrown out due to errors or illegibility of handwritten tickets

For more on eCitation solutions for all law enforcement agencies check out Zebra’s eCitation Page.

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