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Retail Supply Chain: How Does Your Performance Measure up to Best-in-Class?

Posted by Krista O'Brien

April 18, 2011 at 4:26 PM

Aberdeen recently surveyed 100 enterprises to determine the current state and projected improvements in the design-to-deliver collaboration, visibility, and integration processes in the retail supply chain. Sponsored in part by Zebra, the research benchmark provides an in-depth and comprehensive look into process, procedure, methodologies, and technologies with best practice identification and actionable recommendations for retailers and retail suppliers.

Here are five compelling facts from the research:

  1. Best-in-Class companies attained electronic communication with 79.8% of suppliersdescribe the image
  2. Best-in-Class companies possessed a perfect order rate of 94.1% delivered to customer
  3. Best-in-Class companies decreased out-of-stock rate by 21.4% year over year
  4. Best-in-Class companies decreased inbound logistics costs by 6.9% year over year  
  5. Best-in-Class companies are two times as likely as All Others to have the ability to develop decisions based on access to their supplier partner data (e.g. materials on hand, finance, forecasts, production schedule etc.)

So, how does your company compare? To take the assessment and receive your free scorecard from Aberdeen, download your copy of “State of Retail Supply Chain Collaboration, Visibility and Integration 2011: Design-to-Deliver Alignment” today, compliments of Zebra Technologies.

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