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Mobile Printers and Handhelds Hasten Delivery of Daily Bread

Posted by Jan Nash

February 17, 2011 at 8:42 AM

Puritan Bakery bakes and delivers fresh hamburger buns and breads daily to restaurants around Southern California. Short product shelf life means Puritan delivers based on customer demand, so customers have to have their orders in by noon the day before.Zebra MZ320 mobile printer Puritan Bakery

Puritan’s delivery drivers used to carry mobile devices, but those devices weren’t connected to backend systems—so until drivers returned to home base, they didn’t know that orders had changed; accounting staff couldn’t start reconciliations because they didn’t know what was loaded and delivered; and management couldn’t make timely business decisions because they didn’t have real-time visibility into order and delivery status. What’s more, drivers had to walk back to their trucks to print customer receipts, adding to delivery-stop time.

Learn the steps Puritan took so that …

  • Mobile devices automatically updated office systems about orders in real time
  • Office staff instantly received order information for reconciliations
  • Data for next-day planning and management insight available faster
  • Drivers completed routes 30 minutes faster than before

Puritan Bakery Zebra Mobile Printers SolutionView the Puritan Bakery video, or read the Puritan Bakery case study.

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