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Kiosks: Still a Key Player in Self-Service

Posted by Jan Nash

January 7, 2011 at 9:54 AM

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While enacting mobile initiatives is hot topic these days, a recent webinar noted many retailers are continuing with plans to deploy kiosks in their stores—and for good reasons.

For one, consumers benefit from the speed and convenience of self-service kiosks. Take self-checkout kiosks: consumers have the perception that checkout is quicker because their actively involved in the process. They also like having control of the transaction. And consumers who like high technology will prefer and seek out self-checkout.

Meanwhile, self-service kiosks benefit retailers by enabling them to reduce or redeploy in-store labor. 

Kiosks—particularly self-checkout—also help retailers reduce shrink, according to market research by IHL Consulting Group. IHL Group’s lead retail analyst, Lee Holman, also points to a University of Florida study that confirms that the highest reason for shrink is a retailers’ employees. It stands to reason, therefore, that self-service, which for the most part removes employees from the checkout process, would help reduce shrink. Cash management devices reduce shrink, too—and reduce labor in the bargain, because instead of people in the back office having to regularly count the till, the device collects the money and takes care of cash management.

Endless aisle self-service kiosks, as we explored in an earlier article, allow in-store consumers to buy large or out-of-stock items and have them shipped to their home. And they enable retailers to make sales on out-of-stock items—stores increase revenue without having to maintain large inventories.

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This on-demand webinar looks at the roles of both mobile devices and kiosk solutions in self-service. It’s hosted by Integrated Solutions for Retailers.

How about you—are you planning to implement kiosks in your store?

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