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What Can RFID Do for You? Unique Uses of RFID – Part One

Posted by Chris Brown

November 16, 2010 at 2:06 PM

RFID continues to become an increasingly popular trend worth monitoring as its capabilities seem to be limitless at this point.  In part one of this two-part article, we have identified some of the more “interesting” ways in which people are beginning to incorporate RFID in to their daily lives.  Check out some of these cool uses of RFID. Enjoy!

Can’t Cook? Don’t worry, RFID can.

It isn’t a big shock that for the majority of us day laborers, our cooking skills are not on par with the Bobby Flay’s, Guy Fieri’s and Cool uses of RFID Rachel Rays of the world. On more than one occasion you may have experienced something like this. No worries though, “robotic” RFID enabled pots and pans can make the majority of us look competent in the kitchen. Check out RFID Cooking channel on youtube for more evidence.

To infinity, and Beyond!

NASA is presently undergoing trials with RFID labeling technologies for use in outer space. They have begun initial phases of testing on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. While ordinary RFID labels can be used in interior spaces, NASA is trying to determine how an assortment of rugged tags and labels handle the rigors of airless space.

Man’s best friend: Dogs? No. Guide Robots

Don’t worry; guide robots have no plans of replacing our cool uses of rfidcompanion guide dog counterparts. Instead, these robots are being invented and tested to guide the blind through grocery stores and serving as sudo shopping carts. Check out the space-age guide dog here.

RFID – Your Modern Day Fashionista

Dolce and Gabbana? Christian Dior? Ralph Lauren? No, RFID. RFID is now offering up fashion advice as you try on your clothes at the store.  The ‘Smart.Mirror,’ as it has been coined, uses RFID technology to detect what shoppers are trying on and to recommend other items in the store that may complement their look.

What’s that smell?

The sewer? Nope, its RFID.  In Warendorf, Germany, workers are using RFID to track the maintenance of the city's 127-mile network of sewage canals and pipes.   

Share some of your ideas on how you would use RFID in your daily life!

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