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Beyond MDM to Mission Critical Mobility with B2M Solutions

Posted by Ronald W. Caines

September 14, 2015 at 11:00 AM

This post is the first in a series by the sponsors of our APPFORUM event in North America.

As a technologist and collaborator who also happens to lead a sales organization dedicated to optimizing mobile environments, I’m looking forward to APPFORUM 2015 with a great deal of anticipation. I’ll be representing conference sponsor B2M Solutions and am counting on engaging the developer community in a round of lively discussions about the various ways that B2M is transforming the face of the marketplace by using analytics to go beyond traditional mobile device management. MDM is a given today because users have come to expect a device that is deployable and ready to run.  And as businesses over the course of time have progressed from deploying manually configured and loaded devices to the current norm of MDM software that’s used for loading profiles, doing full deployments and observing the status and health of individual devices in a network, the needs of the Enterprise continue to evolve. Whether operations take place in a retail setting, out on the road or within the four walls of a warehouse, seemingly minor things (like ‘no fault found’ returns or lockup issues) can disrupt business in major ways.

Today it has become essential to move past the static snapshot in time that traditional MDM provides toward a solution that physically looks at disruptions in the mobile landscape, understands their cause and focuses on creating a process to reduce or eliminate them.  And this, of course, is where analytics are added to the mix. Gathering and aggregating data over a period of time and correlating that information against a series of events provides indicators about what (and why) something is happening and informs strategies for resolving the most solution-resistant challenges.

 On another level, these uber-charged mobile device analytics are introducing customers to an entirely new level of visibility into their operations by moving the various components of a business process out of the boardroom and into the field, and examining them from an operator’s point of view.  This allows the unprecedented ability to look straight through the channel to an end device and understand how that device functions, how well it works with the various applications running on it, and issues relating to battery performance and device disruptions, utilization, data usage and the like.  

B2M is the single company in the enterprise mobility space that enables a business to gather and analyze data from its mobile deployments to gain insight into what is preventing it from realizing the full potential of its mobile device and infrastructure investments. At APPFORUM, developers can learn about the B2M flagship products that are transforming the mobile device space, such as the Elemez™ software that monitors and analyzes mobile deployments via intelligent alerting systems, and mProdigy® , our MDM and analytics platform.  They are two of the most promising pathways for improving the efficiency and profitability of a company’s mission-critical workforce.

B2M ensures ingenuity and thought leadership among its own application developers through a training budget that enables the learning of new technologies, whether on our roadmap or not.  Developers who want to stay ahead of the curve need to be flexible with platforms and languages and focus on learning the underlying patterns and processes.

And here’s one final bit of advice from someone who has worked with enterprise solutions for the better part of three decades:  I encourage you all to apply what you learn at APPFORUM about B2M’s approach to mobile device analytics to the next set of applications that you develop.  It will probably be one of the few times in your life when you should permit the things that happen in Vegas to follow you all the way back home.

Ronald W. Caines is global vice president of sales and marketing at B2M Solutions, a thought-leading software company based in the United Kingdom specializing in delivering real time, business-centric analytics for mobile devises.  He joined the company in 2014 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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