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Better Connections That Lead to Visibility

Posted by Andy Tippet

February 15, 2017 at 6:00 AM

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As healthcare providers, your #1 priority is safe and effective patient care. But often, complex workflows, administrative demands and inaccurate information create barriers between caregivers and patients. Dealing with these problems can lower the standard of care—and that’s where Zebra can help. Connecting the right patient, to the right care, at the right time is critical. As is connecting providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues, and patients to providers. Without a doubt, better connections lead to a better patient to caregiver experience. 

There are three distinct areas that deliver solutions to provide these connections:

  • Accurate Identity: Positive Patient ID helps prevent medical errors throughout all steps of the patient journey
  • Advanced Mobility: Enterprise mobility enables care collaboration, increases clinical integration and optimizes work streams
  • Actionable Intelligence: Critical data captured in real-time across your healthcare enterprise provides insight and contextual awareness for better, more confident decision making

Just focusing on one of these areas, identity involves a number of aspects affecting care.  For example the positive ID of patients, their specimens, medications and even the assets involved in their care is critical to delivering positive outcomes.  This is again where connecting all of these identities is so important.  Think about the five rights of medication administration.  The right patient, drug, dose, time and route all need to be captured.  How is this captured and then where is the ability to connect a patient to their medication and to the EMR?  One of the key connection points are data capture devices, scanning thermal barcodes, and processing the data in a mobile computer.  Only with this combination of devices, supplies, software, and underlying services are all of these critical aspects of care connected. 

To see all of Zebra’s identity solutions get a booth tour at #2197 on the HIMSS floor or visit us on zebra.com/healthcare.

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