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Posted by Tom Moore

March 14, 2016 at 9:30 AM


Fundamental to successful food and beverage and hospitality operations is the ability to ensure food safety. Improper food handling puts both employees and guests at risk of potentially serious food borne illness and disease. Poor food handling protocols can also increase liability and undermine the bottom line. Over the years — and, in many cases, still today — the norm for food safety procedures has been a system based on the use of paper logs. Logs are manually filled out by employees and consolidated at the end of the day or later. In an industry where safety is both paramount and easily compromised, these delays can lead to significant problems, potentially including outbreaks of serious illnesses such as salmonella and E-coli. What’s needed are real-time food safety solutions that allow managers to recognize problems before or as they occur, with the ability to make necessary changes immediately, to prevent negatively affecting guests or workers. To accomplish this goal, many progressive food service and hospitality operators are creating technology driven food safety systems that make use of powerful MC40 and TC55 handheld computers.

Providing highly advanced wireless technology, including Bluetooth, the MC40 and TC55 are used around the globe to automate and improve food safety procedures. A growing number of food and beverage operations are relying on the MC40 and TC55 to collect and record measurements ranging from cooking and storage temperatures to employee sanitation procedures such as hand washing and ware washing.

One such food and beverage operation relying on these technologies is Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. By using wireless temperature probes and Zebra’s MC40 mobile computers with the automated Disney CHEFS®, powered by iCertainty, real-time information on food safety performance is provided – eliminating manual, time-intensive paper records for food safety audits and regulatory compliance. The vision behind creating Disney CHEFS was to build in the cultural competencies necessary to help deliver on guest service through standardized repeatable processes.

Invented by Disney and co-developed with software development firm, and Zebra channel partner,  iCertainty, Disney CHEFS is a mobile application that helps companies improve safety, comply with food safety regulations and enhance efficiency in restaurants.

The Disney CHEFS solution can electronically monitor every aspect of preparation – from hand-washing to cooking and storage temperatures. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has deployed Disney CHEFS in almost 600 food and beverage locations throughout its U.S. domestic parks and resorts and is continuing its international implementation in Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disney Resort  as well as the Disney Cruise Line.

The Disney CHEFS solution follows the Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system’s international guidelines that identify the precautions that companies should take to keep food safe – and outlines controls and processes that should be followed to make sure these precautions are taken.

The MC40 provides one touch access to all the HACCP checklists and procedures that employees are required to follow to maintain food safety. The Disney CHEFS solution can also alert employees if food is not at an acceptable temperature or when critical measurements have not been recorded – helping avoid potential problems before they become an issue.

Ensuring food safety by scrupulous attention to detail in the monitoring and management of critical control points is fundamental to your ongoing success. The MC40 and TC55 mobile computers are a crucial technology tool for helping you assure food safety and deliver on your brand promise… for every guest, every time.

For more information on how the MC40 and TC55 handheld wireless computers can help you ensure food safety, reduce liability and deliver on your brand promise, visit zebra.com/hospitality.

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