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Asics sprints towards smarter warehousing

Posted by Maria Casu

November 15, 2017 at 4:17 AM


Leading premium sports and lifestyle brand ASICS trusts in Zebra Technologies and Dalosy, its Enterprise Mobility partner of over ten years, to increase productivity and efficiency at its European warehouses.


ASICS has worked with Zebra Technologies for many years and has a wide range of Zebra devices deployed at its warehouses, including a selection of LI and LS series handheld scanners  and GK advanced desktop label printers, all supported by Zebra OneCare.


In conjunction with Zebra Premium Solution partner Dalosy, ASICS has recently installed a large fleet of TC8000 Touch Mobile Computers along with accessories such as quick draw holsters and forklift mount holsters. As well as standard range scanners, ASICS has also selected some extended range scanners, with Simulscan and All Touch Terminal Emulation software running as standard on the devices. The devices are easily configured, updated and managed by SOTI® MobiControl Cloud.


ASICS wanted a single multifunctional device that they could use for all their warehouse tasks. And that’s what they got with the Zebra TC8000. The teams now use the TC8000s for all processes including inbound and outbound goods, stock movements, inventory counts and replenishments, picking and returns. User feedback has been exceptional.


Since deploying the TC8000s, ASICS has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • A 10% increase in warehouse productivity
  • A significant reduction in paperwork and administration
  • Improved real-time operational visibility
  • An excellent, rapid ROI

Isn’t it time you got smart with your warehousing?


For more information on how Zebra Technologies can help boost efficiency at your warehouses, please visit the success story. Or, to learn more about ASICS, Dalosy, the TC8000Zebra OneCare, or Zebra Warehouse Solutions, please click on these links.


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