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Amazon Dash: Fad or Future?

Posted by Mark Thomson

December 8, 2016 at 9:47 AM


It’s here! The button that does it all! Need Andrex toilet roll? It’s got you covered. Desperately hoping for a Nescafe refill, hope no longer! Amazon’s new ‘Dash’ buttons can sort your needs at quite literally the touch of a button. Why log on to a device when you can order your essentials in under a second?  


What is Amazon Dash you ask? Well, Amazon Dash is a small Wi-Fi connected electronic button device that allows you to re-order your favourite products in an instant. Each ‘Dash’ Button is paired with a single product and enables quick and easy purchase at the point-of-use in the home.   


Amazon Dash really is the ultimate convenience. Should these wonder buttons catch on, they really could revolutionise the way we pick up many of our favourite brands. By streamlining the act of purchasing, brands and consumers alike can enjoy the benefits of a frictionless shopping experience. What do I mean by frictionless? In essence, I’m talking hassle-free shopping. A frictionless shopping experience is simple, works without difficulty, and prioritises ease of use above all else. 


This concept of hassle-free shopping certainly appeals to me! I know there have been many instances where I’ve been unable to pick up my favourite brands, despite going out of my way to collect them. That moment you reach the aisle, look up and find an ominous gap where your favourite coffee should be is particularly disheartening. The opportunity to avoid such incessant disappointment is most welcome!


As we move into the future, there’s no doubt retailers will look to offer a frictionless shopping experience of their own, and further simplify the way we buy in-store. After all, they have to do something to compete with the digital alternatives available at our fingertips 24/7. In fact, Tesco has already started on their journey to offering a frictionless shopping experience with their ‘If This Then That’ campaign. Allowing customers to connect platforms and create action based triggers, Tesco are providing the tools necessary to enable a fully customisable frictionless shopping experience. Customers with the right know-how can now set up their own algorithms to ensure products are automatically ordered when certain circumstances are met. While this is perhaps a little complicated for the average shopper right now, it’s a sign of positive intent from the UK’s largest grocery retailer. 


It’s really no surprise retailers are looking to achieve a frictionless shopping experience. With common inconveniences removed, the act of buying will be simplified even further and this intern should drive repeat custom. By taking out unnecessary processes, and automating those that cannot be removed, the retail experience is set to deliver greater efficiency and value than ever before. Through the adoption of a smart infrastructure that actively monitors and manages resources, retailers will achieve a whole new level of performance. For example, new checkouts will be opened automatically based on the length of queues waiting and stock will be instantly replenished as and when it runs out on the shop floor. The ability to reactively adapt to these situations really will fundamentally change the retail experience, from top to bottom.


There’s no doubt about it, technology throughout retail has developed at an incredible pace and has yielded some truly remarkable breakthroughs. Whether we’re shopping in-store or online, the act of buying has never been so easy. In fact, in the time it’s taken me to write this closing sentence, I’ve effortlessly re-ordered my toilet roll, coffee and shaving cream. Now that’s a frictionless shopping experience!


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