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A rugged, mobile field office – TC75 shortlisted for Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards

Posted by John Wyer

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November 10, 2017 at 9:40 AM

Zebra TC75

By 2020 1.75 billion, or 42% of the workforce , could be mobile workers. Of course, many will be just checking email and managing simple admin tasks on the go. But many more will be true mobile warriors. Those heroes in the field checking things, mending things, and working in demanding places – to those who need continuous access to apps and data capture including teams on the manufacturing line, or in the warehouse. In these environments, mobile technology has to be tough. But it also needs to be multi-talented, providing users with a wide range of features from quick and accurate data capture, to GPS, superior audio, a full-shift battery, and many more.

Our take on such a device is the TC75, and it’s been shortlisted for Computing’s Digital Technology Leaders Awards. The awards recognise companies and products that are ‘making it happen at the coal face of the digital technology stack’.

Achieve more, anywhere

Our smartphones allow us to do almost anything in our personal lives, but they’re simply not suitable for non-stop work in the field. The rugged TC75 is a different animal. Although it has the looks, feel and usability of a smartphone, we started from scratch when designing it to create a purpose-built device to function all day, every day, in the most demanding places – indoors and out. It will survive drops, full submersion in water and it doesn’t mind the weather ¬– leave it shivering in the cold store and then take it out into the summer sunshine – it’ll keep going.

And it has everything your teams need to increase productivity. For example, it can accelerate invoicing on-the-go, ordering, and more by helping workers quickly capture almost any kind of business information with an embedded camera and enterprise-class barcode scanner. And if there’s a full sheet of information that needs logging, SimulScan Document Capture allows them to capture multiple barcodes, text fields, and phone numbers in a single scan and load them in the correct sequence to your apps.

The TC75 is also geared to improve customer service and collaboration with seamless communication between workers in the field and staff in the office. A front-facing camera enables video calling for on-the-spot assistance, while Push-to-talk provides an instant connection. Even in the noisiest plants and warehouses, your teams can communicate easily, with audio that’s 4x louder than consumer devices and noise-cancelling technology for crystal-clear sound.

There are numerous other features that support users:

Flexible use – an intelligent touch panel allows data input with a finger, a stylus, even a gloved hand.
Familiar enterprise experience – the Android operating system enables users to intuitively pick up and use the extensive features of the TC75 with little or no training.
Suite of accessories – from a magnetic stripe reader for mobile payments, to an attachable trigger handle for intensive scanning, to a flexible in-vehicle charging cradle, our range of accessories enable you to tailor the device to users’ tasks.
Constant connection – access information and people anytime, anywhere, with 4G/LTE connectivity.
Mobility DNA – the TC75 comes loaded with our Android software suite including management and development tools, along with utilities and ready-to-go apps that lower ownership costs and help users to be more productive, more quickly

Whether your teams are delivering the goods, keeping the power switched on, reading meters, tracking items across production lines – and much more – the Zebra TC75 enables them to be more productive, with a device that will work as hard as they do and which looks great to customers.

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