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Posted by Hannah Moule

June 25, 2018 at 7:20 AM

Securitas Netherlands has already equipped its mobile guards with handheld computers from Zebra Technologies. Now Securitas OY in Finland has deployed Zebra’s TC56.


Securitas’s new group application, Securitas Mobile Platform (SMP), is based on an Android OS. Branches of Securitas are progressively migrating to Android devices and the latest to move across is Securitas OY Finland.

Securitas needed an Android device:

  • Which was rugged and reliable,
  • Could offer high performance scanning and enterprise functionality,
  • Whilst still having the looks and size of a pocketable consumer-style smartphone

The obvious choice?

Zebra’s TC56 Touch Computer.

And to complete the solution:

Securitas centrally enrols, views, configures, updates and secures the TC56s using AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management, and the TC56s are protected by a 3-year essential Zebra OneCare package, to ensure protection and continuous uptime, in case of device failure.

The solution is delivered by long term Zebra partner Signal Partners.

Delivering optimal efficiency and productivity:

For optimal efficiency and productivity, mobile workers need to be equipped with a device that is reliable, has a great battery life and offers exceptional connectivity, fast processing and scanning speeds with all the functionality needed day-to-day.

With the TC56, Securitas guards have all that…and more.

Looking forward:

Securitas is very excited by the potential of the TC56. Whereas the previous device was solely for reporting, guards are already using the TC56 for voice communications, photos and calls, and accessing other applications, such as Q-Park pay-to-park for city centre patrols.

In a world of ever-present security threats, Securitas is successfully blending the latest technology with its people and knowledge, to ensure it can deliver the best possible service to its customers.

Is it time you updated your mobile technology too?

Why not contact us or find out more by visiting the success story.

Or, to learn more about Securitas, Signal Partners, Zebra’s TC56, Airwatch and Zebra OneCare, please click on these links.

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