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A Delivery Beyond My Expectations

Posted by Paul Milner

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July 21, 2015 at 5:38 AM


In a recent post, Mark Thomson was talking about why delivery plays such an important role in retail right now. It is a key area where businesses should be making strategic investments in 2015.

So in this post I thought I’d share a positive delivery experience. This is an excellent example of how the delivery and returns process is a vital part of promoting customer loyalty.

It began when I ordered a shirt from a well-known omni-channel retailer. Not long after I received an order confirmation via email, and then a dispatch note. Following that I got a text from the company managing the delivery – giving me a date and time to expect the package.

Sadly, when it did arrive, the sizing was not quite what I had expected – so the shirt didn’t fit.

In that moment I was filled with dread about the looming returns experience. Let’s be honest, none of us like having to put much effort in when it comes to returns. Thankfully this store offered a choice of options including lockers, third party drop off and in store return. The final option was the most convenient for me, so I popped in a few days later. Fortunately it was very easy. The customer service desk was sign posted, clearly marked and there was a member of staff available to help right away.

But the best part of the experience was what happened after leaving the store. First of all, that same evening I received a text to confirm the return had taken place. Then not long after that I received an email from the store showing me a picture of the item and confirming to me that the money had been successfully returned to my account.

Isn’t it nice to be surprised by excellent customer service?

Because of this simple, timely and informative experience, I’ve already ordered another shirt from the retailer. The good news is I’m much happier with that one. The result is that I won’t think twice about ordering from that business again, or travelling to the store.

The reality is that my experience has had a big impact on my feelings about the brand, and it would have had an even stronger effect had it been a negative experience.

Service is the key differentiator in retail. Today that includes an ever-increasing expectation when it comes to delivery and returns. That’s why we think that it’s a key area for investment over the coming year. For retailers using an external company to fulfill orders, it’s important to work with the right partner who can deliver the best customer experience. Negative experiences have a negative impact in the bottom line.

It was only when really experiencing this positive process that I realised just how important all aspects of delivery are for retail customers and that Zebra Technologies solutions are a key element of it.

Zebra Technologies provide a full range of end-to-end solutions that can optimise the customer experience at every point in a purchase journey, in any retail business.

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