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2015 European Shopper Survey: Moving towards the one store vision

Posted by Karen Wallis

December 23, 2015 at 6:38 AM


The retail industry is evolving faster than ever. All retailers face the challenge of meeting their customers’ increased demands and must quickly transform how they engage with them across a multitude of touchpoints. It’s therefore essential that retailers are interacting with their consumers seamlessly across every channel, right through the customer journey.

Traditional growth models are redundant in an omnichannel retail environment, and the technology available to retailers now is vast, ranging from timed delivery slots to smartphone enabled loyalty programmes and location based discount and special offers. Retailers must first identify the latest trends in consumer behaviour before choosing which technology will be suitable and provide the best measurable ROI as they enter a new retail landscape.

Our 2015 European shopper survey was carried out to assess how effectively retailers are blending their online and offline shopping experiences to construct a smooth, personalised experience for the customer.

The survey was also designed to reveal consumer expectations and attitudes towards new in-store technologies. We questioned shoppers on the role of mobile technology in the customer experience, how willing they are to submit personal data, the importance of timed delivery slots and whether loyalty programmes remain important in an era of omnichannel.

The survey results highlighted a number of emerging consumer trends which I found particularly insightful, including:

  • Choice of delivery location is essential to customers, with 77.7% of shoppers rating text and email notification of when their orders will be delivered as important
  • Shoppers value good customer service, and the survey showed that almost two thirds would buy more from a retailer with helpful, friendly staff. 42.1% of respondents believe that their shopping experience is enhanced when members of staff use technology.
  • When it comes to loyalty programmes, retailers need to provide the right incentive to motivate shoppers to share their personal information. While customers would be interested in smartphone discounts, just 9.7% of respondents have signed up to these schemes.
  • Customers now increasingly expect personalisation in their interactions with retailers, with 43% of shoppers happy to receive offers by text based on their purchasing history.
  • While customers enjoy the benefits of a personalised shopping experience, trust remains an issue with 61.2% of shoppers saying it is important that retailers let them control how their data is used.
  • Shoppers now understand the value of their data and interestingly, European shoppers (42.4%) are far more trusting of retailers to protect their details than customers in North America (34.3%).

We have created a brand new eBook that explores these key findings in more detail, helping you to discover:

  • What retailers need to do to improve uptake of their loyalty schemes, including enhancing the personalisation of their offers
  • How providing mobile devices to staff to enhance the customer experience can help to increase basket size
  • What retailers can do to meet customer expectations for delivery and returns across multiple channels
  • Why retailers should be analysing big data to make improvements to their business performance

To download our European Shopper Survey 2015 eBook, click here or the download button below:

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About the author: Karen Heywood is the EMEA Editor in Chief for the Retail industry at Zebra, responsible for end-user engagement. Her role is to keep Retailers up to date with the latest information and trends in the Retail market.

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